Accurate Financial & Tax Services, Inc.

Payroll Services

With todayís accelerated business pace, you canít allow time-consuming tasks like payroll to hinder your progress.  AFTS, Inc. can move you forward with a superior class of comprehensive payroll solutions that are suited to your environment, business size and industry.

Solutions may include: 

  • Payroll Processing and Consultation
    • Check and Report Production
    • Tax Deposit Handling
  • Guaranteed On-time Delivery  
  • After-the-fact Payroll Recording
  • Payroll Voucher Options
  • Tax and Corporate Compliance Solutions
    • Monthly Deposits, Quarterly and Annual Filing and Reporting
  • W-2 and 1099 Filings
  • Employee vs. Subcontractor Analysis
  • Employer Representation and Support with Governmental Agencies
  • Workerís Compensation Audits
  • Filing Solutions to Decrease State Unemployment Insurance Rates



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